What Makes a Video GOOD?

What makes a video good? That's the question we're always asking ourselves as videographers. What is it about a video that makes people stop their busy day and actually watch?

There's a lot of different elements that go into making a compelling video. Everything from the lighting to the cinematography, animation, and color grading. All of these things are crucial elements into making a good video, but when we really come down to it, the most important element is a good story. Knowing who you’re talking to. 

At Bound for Glory productions, a good story is what we focus on first. We look at each client and ask ourselves, “What is their story who are they trying to talk to? Who are they trying to reach and how can we communicate their story to their people?”

When we’re working with a client, we try to picture all of their constituents holding their cell phones out on their Facebook and scrolling through their newsfeed. What is it about this client's story that we could tell that would make somebody stop their day and actually watch that video?

That's the foundation of what makes a video good. Contact us at Bound For Glory Productions and let us help you tell your story.